Save Us Now ( S.U.N ) is the all new Political Party that will counter the collusion and crony institutions and systems undermining our freedom the rule of law, democracy and the peace of the United Kingdom.

Our Emblem is the White and Red poppy. It’s in honour of all of those who fight and have fought for our freedom, democracy, rule of law and peace.

How to Lawfully Find Out 5G and Smart City Plans in your Area

We produced a 5G and Smart City Freedom of Information request (FOI) template with that gives you and our community a National insight into how well resourced Councils are inside the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth; who they are awarding your money to; and how much you are being left in the dark by these unscrupulous companies/suppliers.

The names given to Microwave Radiation devices are specifically to direct the user from their real name. The reason we don’t know how dangerous they are is that their main function is to gather Data. The main problem is that they are slowly killing us. It’s not called Killer tech for nothing.

  • WIFI – Microwave Radiation transmitter.
  • Smart Devices – Microwave Radiation Devices.
  • Smart Meters – Spy Microwave Radiation transmitters.
Anything that’s labelled ‘smart’ is probably ‘stupid’ if you want to be able to receive your pension and live a healthy life.

The main area of concern is the 5G increase. We already have the emerging evidence of widespread harm to the environment and humans from Microwave Radiation emitters.

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