One thought on “5G Antenna Fairies

  1. I love learning about 5g and thank you mark for telling us I’ve been in to pulsed electromagnetic for over 12 yrs especially the police TETRA system which I’ve told police officers about the dangers of them using that system many have listened but some won’t. I’ve recently found out that Monmouthshire in South Wales is a testbed for 5G but monmouthshire is a county I would like to know where in ,monmouthshire exactly is this testbed for 5g I only live 40 miles away from monmouthshire so if I find out exactly where this 5 g is going to be tested I can go there and educate the people of the dangers of this system so if anyone knows where in the county of monmouthshire this 5g is going to be up and running then please e.mail me . uk

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