5G and LED Streetlights is Killer Tech Talks Across Great Britain

Do you want Mark Steele to come to your area or existing event and give a 1-2 hour talk during the daytime or evening?

You will need to setup and manage the administration of the venue in your area, if you don’t already have an existing event. We’re happy to talk in a pub, large house, hall, garden or even a barn. We’re not fussy, we just require electric for the projector and heating and seats for the people.

We suggest charging a fee of between £3-5 per entry, so that all costs including Mark’s are covered.

We will put the proposed event up on this page and see what level of interest we get and then confirm it 100%.

Please fill out our contact form including your phone number and we’ll call you back: https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/contact/

Confirmed 5G cities:

5G has now been secretly deployed in all major  areas of the UK . If you have LED Street lights and Smart Meters you can assume that you are now living in a 5G area , as this is part of the Smart 5G IoT Smart City mesh network