5G Genocide Liability Notice – Updated June 2020


This letter should be sent to reporters, MP’s, Schools and those either pretending to be experts on the subject of 5G deployment including  26GHz – 60GHz, those who are dismissing the science on the dangers as 5G is an immune system suppressor technology, linked to the current pandemic. We are carrying out our duty under international laws on the prohibition of Genocide and violations of the ICC STATUTE                                                                                                           

Dear _____________


Liability Notice for Crimes against Humanity and the Prima Facie evidence implicating you in the Genocide agenda on the people of this country.

This legal notice of liability is designed to be used as evidence in courts if required and intends to enlighten and protect you from attracting more serious civil and criminal liability in relation to your own actions and or omissions surrounding the deployment of 5G LED Vaccine technologies.


It has come to our attention that you are involved directly or indirectly in your support to the deployment of 5G / LED technology and are misleading others in your false communications surrounding the well-known hazards to human health and the environment posed by ever increasing microwave radiation emissions in air.


5G is a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) system that has been designed and deployed to commit mass Genocide on the people of this country involving the interaction of known contaminated vaccines which increase the lethality of 5G, a weapon, whilst a virus pandemic has been orchestrated as a cover for that Genocide.


The mandated contaminated vaccine agenda and the switch on of 5G in WUHAN province are testament to the weapons capability of committing Genocide on the populations across the World as part of a secret Global genocide agenda.


Your ignorance of the planned Genocide is no defence in law and on the prima facie evidence that we have linking you to the facilitating of this mass Genocide, you should be warned that such action in support of this genocide is an indictable crime. Your own actions in the making of, or the supporting of demonstrably false statements in relation to the 5G deployment of the known dangers posed by 5G transmitters are covering up this crime, for example the known scientific link of microwave radiation in air as an immune system suppressor and an active neurotoxin with the proven uncontested science showing oxidative stress damage to biological cells and so to life from microwave radiation.


This communication is to serve as information to you and others, and is on behalf of the people of this country who are discovering that their current sickness and ill health are caused by increased exposure to microwave and terahertz range transmitters. The experimental untested for safety 5G/LED technology is uninsurable as an environmental polluter and harm, a health hazard shown in the overwhelming published scientific data.


The accelerated deployment of 5G/LED transmitters during the lockdown and so the reducing of the immune systems of many and in particular those who may have been given contaminated vaccines with unexplainable tungsten and aluminium nano and micro particles in them increases the risk of death from  5G/LED radiation emitters. ARM, a long range missile design to take out 5G hardware on the battlefield due to risks posed to allied troops with that similar hardware deployed across towns and cities across the UK with your support. Radiation pollution from such transmitters currently breaches the COE 1815 Resolution, 2016 EUROPAEM guidelines and ICNIRP guidelines.


Your continuing support of this pre meditated Genocide agenda through your own acts or omissions, now that you have been clearly informed of the well planned Genocidal agenda of the deployment of the 5G direct energy weapon system alone or in combination with any contaminated vaccinations, would confirm your position in regard the following crimes against all biological life on this planet and which is against a number of universally accepted laws and codes of behaviour, such as the Nuremberg Code and the following.


  1. 5G/LED deployment is a violation of Articles 5, 6, 7, and 8 the International Criminal Code Statute prohibiting genocide and crimes against humanity



ICC Statute – Rome Statute





  1. Violations of the ICC STATUTE – ROME STATUTE can be prosecuted in the national courts of any one of the 118 nations that have signed and ratified the ICC ROME STATUTE and adopted the Universal War Crimes Jurisdiction authority for its courts.



118 Nations ratifying ICC STATUTE





  1. Offences against the person Act 1861 the administering of a noxious substance a destructive thing occasioning harm.


  1. Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 as amended by the Criminal law act 1977


  1. Genocide Act 1969 section (a) killing members of the group (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.


  1. Human rights act 1998. Art, (2) Right to Life. Art, (3) Prohibition of torture. Art, (8) Right to respect for private and family life. Art, (17) Prohibition of abuse of rights.


  1. Article 174 (2) The European Community treaty provides that all Community policy on the environment shall be based on the precautionary principle the environmental protection act 1990.


  1. DIRECTIVE 2009/147/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 30 November 2009 on the conservation of wild birds


  1. Infant life (Preservation) Act 1929 offences against a foetus causing child destruction


  1. Health and Safety Statutory instruments. No 588. The control of Electromagnetic fields at work regulations 2016


  1. Health and Social care act 2012. Duty to protect the population from Ionizing and Non Ionizing radiation


  1. EN 62311:2008 Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment related to human exposure (0Hz-300GHz)


  1. Equality and disability Act 1995 Section 55. It is unlawful to discriminate against another by way of victimisation of vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities who’s genetic makeup increases risks of death..



Yours sincerely






Mark Steele Talking about Battlefield Technology, Coronavirus, LED Streetlights, RF, EMF and 5G to the BBC

Here Mark tears apart the BBC mainstream media narrative, while they slavishly try to stick to their cognitive dissonance, and demonstrate a complete failure to come back with any kind of argument that could’t be ‘shot down’ from an empirical perspective.

The BBC really do not know their stuff! For example the BBC says, “The whole science is against you.” They cannot even form sentences and there are two of them and one of Mark. But the thing is that all the doctors they mention, do not actually have any proof 5G isn’t harmful. If we BLINDLY believe scientists and doctors, it becomes a belief system and they are demi-gods. Where is the proof 5G is SAFE?

Notice of Liability re: proposed densification of 4G LTE networks, and LED 5G masts during the lockdown.

Send to Your Councillors Council, MP’s etc. police as a matter of Urgency.  We need to know who is against the people in the deployment of this illegal unlawful technology.

Download the Word template here: Letter of liability.


Dear _____________



This legal notice of liability is designed to be used as evidence in court if needed and intends to enlighten and protect you from attracting civil and criminal liability in relation to your actions and/or omissions surrounding the deployment of 5G LED technology a crime (of which 4G/LTEsmall cells smart meters facial recognition systems all life threatening and known to cause Corona virus symptoms and death especially in the older population as well as radiation burns to vulnerable groups in particular Women and Children.


This communication is to serve as information to you and others on behalf of those in community who have expert knowledge on this subject that counters the main stream false narrative and the current cover up by the BBC as well as OFCOM who have issued a number of threats to those speaking out on this subject as well as the removal of scientific data and political debate that counters their fake narrative. The epidemiological data and science shows the know link between the Corona sickness and is due mainly to the direct microwave and terahertz range transmitters from uninsurable for harm technologies that have been deployed before and during the lockdown due to the secret UN resilient cities agenda. The WUHAN 5G LED Vaccine test bed and the weaponization of 5G is confirmed.  It is a scientifically proven fact that vaccines have been contaminated with unexplainable tungsten and aluminium nano and micro particles and when exposed to the unlawful levels of radiation, in breach of the COE 1815 Resolution and the Europeam 2016 guidelines, will increase kill rates across the population putting greater numbers at significant risk of death as secondary waves are planned to cause the mass Genocide of the population as reported in military defence intelligence documents that report the murder of 55 million in the United Kingdom alone by 2025. This is the reason for the temporary mortuary’s and incinerator capacity to keep up with the upcoming death rates from increasing lethal electromagnetic radiation weapons on the population.


The Secretary of state has a duty of care to protect the population from Non Ionizing radiation 2012 Social care act while Public Health England an agency ignoring all of the latest scientific papers, state 5G a weapon system is safe. Their position that the deployment of millions upon millions of SMART meters Street furniture radiation scanners and large MIMO transmitters will not lead to an increase in radiation exposure is beyond belief and a clear case of misconduct in public office by those espousing such an outrageously deceitful statement. The ICNIRP guidelines, a known captured agency have recently doubled the exposures to humans from Non Ionizing radiation to facilitate the 5G deployment that PHE have stated they don’t expect to increase. The thermal radiation exposure of 6 min, the ICNIRP guideline, shows how ludicrous anyone using such a guideline considering transmitters are radiating the population for 24/7 confirming that the guidelines used by Agencies does not apply to the real life exposures from 5G LED biologically toxic radiation as reported in the vast majority of the published science and now industry science led studies.


A growing number of the population including Scientists, Doctors and Nurses who are currently terrorized by the fake main stream led narrative are speaking out across Social media against the fabricated narrative. Those growing numbers on realization of the planned Genocide of their families and colleagues will not be silenced by those behind this planned attack on this country and its people. The bad actors who carry on supporting this attack on the people and country and attempting to silence the truth will fail and it is time for you to stand up against this tyranny. Ignorance is no defence in law as you should know and the facts supporting this document are growing by the day. Your immediate response to this communication please, as well as your support so that the second 5G LED radiation waves can be halted.



Yours sincerely





  1. Clerk to the Council- who is obliged to distribute to all councillors



The alert posted Tuesday, March 24th warning of a 5G electromagnetic threat to Tokyo on Wednesday, March 25th and promising retaliation targeting La Palma in the US has successfully prevented the attack.  However, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to monitor the situation going forward.

This is the 5G equipment being installed around the city and scheduled to be activated Wednesday in what could have been a harmful event targeting people in Tokyo. Fortunately, advance warning was given to us allowing a public notification that averted possible loss of life and costly damage to electronics.

Urgent Alert warning prevents 5G electromagnetic attack on Tokyo, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF

Readers who viewed the original posting may have noticed that the website had another sophisticated intrusion that deleted the last two posts and crashed the site for the 3rd time in 48 hours.

This is verification that our intel is exposing the evil plans designed to cause harm to society.

We will continue to do everything in our power to meet this evil head-on and appreciate the loyal support of our membership in this quest.


Source: https://benjaminfulford.net/2020/03/25/urgent-alert-warning-prevents-5g-electromagnetic-attack-on-tokyo/

Use this FOI to gather evidence of your Council’s EMF, LED, RF and 5G insurance liability


Dear Sirs

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you are requested to please provide the following:

  1. Copies of all commercial [YOUR COUNCIL HERE] public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and underwriters held by [YOUR COUNCIL HERE]. In particular, make sure anything regarding ‘pollution liability’, ‘policy enhancement’ and ‘schedules of exclusions’ documents in relation to the commercial public liability insurance policy held by [YOUR COUNCIL HERE].
  2. Copies of the ‘certificate of indemnity’ from [YOUR COUNCIL HERE] that may include the public insurance provider and underwriters, confirming that any injuries, damages or adverse health effects directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise, wireless RF radiation, microwave radiation, non-ionising radiation emitting devices and equipment.

I require written receipt of this Freedom of Information Request. Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity,

Yours Sincerely


PLEASE READ: You can use https://www.whatdotheyknow.com to send the Notice over the Internet, but we always recommend to find the FOI page on your Council’s website and send an email. Also, if the Council comes back and says the FOI is over their quota, then send question one and then question two.

DOWNLOAD THE WORD DOC FOR YOUR RECORDS HERE: FOI-Insurance-liability-council-SaveUsNow-SmombieGate



The unregulated fitment of 5g hazardous technologies across the country in your towns cities and countryside has started in total disregard of the law by local government agencies and authorities that include known hazardous led lighting systems a carrier technology for the 5g coverage radiation emission blanket.

My local authority Gateshead Council has orchestrated a criminal case and civil cases to silence me with the criminal appeal listed for the 28th of March 2019.

Their then use of taxpayers money to launch a civil court action in an attempt to take away my freedom of speech and gag me failed and they are now attempting once again to use the legal system to silence me.

We implore all those who have a care about our hard fought for freedoms, democratic values, rule of law, and the rights of mankind to live in a toxic-free environment for the sake of our children to please support this legal challenge by contributing now and spreading the world with your friends and family and on social media.

They are seeking to imprison an honest citizen for speaking out about their covert activities namely the fitting of dangerous technologies that they didn’t at first comprehend due to their complete disregard of the law.

This is bigger than just my case

This legal funding for our campaign will enable our legal team to bring the countries first test case against Gateshead Council in relation to this technology and allow others to use this case and law to challenge their local authorities.

Our case will put to the test how untested and unregulated technology can be fitted by authorities without their adherence to the law, as well as their actions taken against me and others for speaking out to authority on their wrong doing.

It will be for the case to set out that these untested unregulated technologies have no place in our towns villages and cities drawing on my technical expertise.



Download the template here: 5G is an indictable crime.



Call first to ensure that the right person receives the document
and note down the name(s).

Mark Steele encourages people who read this and share it to support the SAVE-US-NOW Movement so that we can focus our FULL resources and attention behind our legal team to bring the criminal cabals behind this unlawful and illegal activity to justice.
It is time to go on the offensive.

Dear Sir

I am bringing to your attention the scientifically established fact that the rollout of 5G technology and the experimental LED carrier assets are indictable offences under domestic and international laws, and a crime against humanity and the environment. PHE have already warned of the health risk. Your involvement in the deployment, deception, misinformation and cover-up in the wider community and continued support for this crime have been noted. Any further support of this indictable offence provided by you once you have been informed by this letter will demonstrate your real intent in regard to this crime.

To mitigate your involvement, we demand that you cease and desist from your role in the rollout of 5G, so that the main architects of this criminal enterprise can be held accountable, while those who have been coerced into involvement can be seen to have acted in less serious roles. The Accessories and Abettors act 1861 as amended by the Criminal Law Act 1977 covers all those who can be shown to have known of this human rights crime yet who have not acted in accordance with the law.

Yours sincerely

[Add your name]