Newsletter July In The Year Of Our Lord 2022




  1. SOLUTIONS encourage people who may have had the Nano Meta Material antenna illegally injected into them to make a claim for medical battery and the £120,000 on offer from the government. Using a neodymium magnet you can locate the antenna at the injection site. This antenna is to be used for the assassination of the victim using the 5G directional signal from the street furniture to change their bio metrics and cause atonic seizure and heart failure.
  2. OUTREACH GROUPS get organised locally using boards and leaflets to encourage people to take the (VACCINE INJURY MAGNET TEST) so they can begin the claim for the £120,000 in damages. This helps to enlighten the vaccine victim so that they may spread the word of their illegally injected antenna injury that the medical community are trying their level best to ignore. They can’t ignore the magnets attaching to the injection site and this is a very powerful tool to help enlighten the victims to what their leaders have planned for them
  3. DEMONSTRATIONS we are not demonstrating, we are investigating and highlighting the greatest criminal event in all history, mass murder, attempted murder, assault to cause Genocide, it’s on the T shirt as a statement and the reason it will be used with the actual evidence going forward. Your legal defence will rely on this armour to protect you going forward as well as Political cover.
  4. VACCCINE NANO’s particles cause sterilization. They are injecting the Children to stop them every reproducing all part of the Globalist population reduction plan.
  5. 5G LED it’s more crucial than ever that we have this illegal urban radiation scanning technology removed before it sterilizes and kills everything it was intended to kill. The vaccine victims are most certainly the first to be removed due to their antenna status that increases the toxicity of the radiation from the injected antenna.
  6. Please support our research and work as demands on our services increase significantly

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