Take Action

Here we have a number of letters and notifications that you can send to all public officials including your MP's to make them aware of the crimes that they are complicit in commiting against you and in breach of the Laws of this land

please help us help you by spreading the Word and joining the movement to stop this unlawful 5G technologies¬† and contaminated vaccine bio weapon deployment . NOTICE if you have voted for any major political party including the GREENS, or support any charity’s that promote SMART technology etc. you have tacitly agreed to 5G , as they all have it in their business plans and Party Manifestos , You must inform them ” I DO NOT CONSENT TO 5G” this breaks the tacit agreement. The harm it is causing is already evident in the environmental and epidemiological studies. The World is waking up to the fact at how dangerous this technology really is. The thousands of demonstrators who have already seen the damaging effects first hand in Switzerland are testament to the assault on the people and the injury’s it has already caused

Read the documents carefully, once or twice even better, we have caught our local councils out in deploying very dangerous technology outside of our homes. Its illegal and unlawful. We are taking action and the trick today is to make as many people aware, Mark is doing talks over the next few weeks and people are waking up all over to this crime.

We have a legal action in the offing to bring to light how criminal and reckless Councils and Government have acted in the deployment of LED 5G systems, this is an outrage and they thought we were to asleep to work it out.

Its important to share the information and documents with others they have tips as to how to use Social media to spread the Word. Once enough people get the truth we smash this crime.

The information the Councils and Authorities will send to you are dishonest and a crime, keep the evidence and try and get names on e mails and correspondence.

While the Courts are corrupt they have not been corrupted enough to allow Genocide and that is exactly what this technology was developed for and the reason we see temp rise and the loss of pollinators and small mammals across the country.

Take action the time for petitions and pleading and asking authorities to stop their crime on us are over.