Getting our Story out.

The top 0.1% have all the wealth as the bottom 90% of us and its damaging businesses and employment. It’s the main reason that Rome collapsed. No real economy as the resources get funnelled up to an even smaller few. This is a threat to the nation and the reason it has happened is because of the Crony systems that have been set up that allowed it to happen.

The Government seem to be gearing up to hand the NHS into private hands is it because it is the last thing to sell off?

Student Debt is rising and University fat cats pay themselves more, disgraceful disregard for those who are paying for their education?

The environment is under threat from a multitude of actions especially the ubiquitous roll out of telecoms transmitters. Greed and profit come before the environment and people’s health. 5G is an existential threat to all of us and our environment. this known cancer-causing radiation will make us ill and damage the country and the economy.

Social Media

The internet, Social Media is a controlled space and will become more controlled with the Governments control narrative, blocking stories that embarrass the Elites. Charles the First tried this by banning coffee Shops in London and look how that ended up. Make sure you follow up your posts share posts and post the imagery about the Microwave Radiation that is killing us slowly. Tell friends talk about this and make sure when we organise public meetings you attend with interested parties.

We can no longer rely on the established political class to hold the execute to account.

They ignore the rule of law and the system is set up to excuse and reward criminality. The future of our Country is at threat due to ignorance and self-serving elites we need to act within the law. The law is on our side here so “don’t get angry get even”. It’s a fight for the future and we are fighting for our lives. We will win against the corrupt corporate class, it will be hard work and it will feel frustrating, however we have the law and right on our side.

Our Values are all for one and one for all. The party is about putting in not just taking out. The appalling news that the 5G roll out kills Babies before they are born shows how much we need to clear out the Old decrepit systems that are allowing this to happen. The established parties can’t be trusted you only have to refer to the Liberals and their promise to cut tuition. It’s the reason we need a clear out and the actual rule of law and honour brought centre stage.

Identify with your subjects. Ask them to join the party and the fight to break this corrupt system to the ground.

Always do your homework on the subject matter and don’t stray from the Science there are many published research papers to show we are correct in our knowledge that 5G will kill everything and the Political elites are determined to roll it out across the country.

Our arguments are persuasive especially when your audience have the facts of the matter. And while the subject is complex in its scientific term. 5G is like putting a person in a microwave oven and killing them and their environment slowly.

Just about everyone have noticed the birds have been killed off Sparrows in particular as well as flying insects. This is an environmental crime and no one is talking about it and the media aren’t covering the real cause. We have enough scientific literature to show it’s the Microwave Radiation causing this ecological collapse.


Your links to the community your commitment to change things is important we have a large task ahead. Like a Brick wall. Brick walls get knocked down you only have to keep knocking and it will collapse.

Save Us Now. S-U-N Is a totally new party that doesn’t carry the corrupt baggage of the established systems that have become corrupted to the core and aren’t interested the fundamental state of the economy or humanity and the environment as long as they can feather their own nest.